When in Wellington, Colorado, Please Do Coffee

While Wellington, CO is on an upswing of growth, Owl Canyon is an iconic coffee house remaining a favorite hot spot for both residents and visitors.

I stopped into Owl Canyon Coffee in Wellington, CO, to meet a client and was ever so happy I did. While I've always enjoyed the ambiance of the little shop, I spent a bit more time acquainting myself with the "cute as can be" cafe, here's what I found:

The location provides plenty of spaces for parking on the street during morning and afternoon hours. However, after 3 PM, you may have a challenge as most spots aren't vacant. While the lack of parking isn't a big deal for most, others may feel this could be a bad beginning to an excellent experience. However, you're welcome to park on side streets, which isn't a long walking distance.

Once inside, you'll find a friendly, relaxing atmosphere without loud music and lack of places to chill. While I've been to this location several times, it never seems very crowded, guaranteed to find seating. On days when the weather is nice you can enjoy both inside or outside dining giving you multiple options.

While I'm unsure of the tourists who may be seeking thrills at the bistro, many locals seem to make a stop at 'The Owl' a daily part of their routine. You'll find neighbors reminiscing and people like church ministers supporting the town's small business. Yes, it's just that kind of town. While the parking is one issue, we'll give it 4-forks because the city is going through a renaissance, but 5-forks will trump that for the hospitality.

When I'm speaking about ambiance, I'm looking for the comfort factor. The Owl undoubtedly deserves 5-forks for the atmosphere. I would describe the interior design aspirational as well as eclectic. The use of layering bold wood with leather is a nice touch for the establishment. Seems fitting as just outside the city limits are cattle ranches and farms. Moreover, the agricultural community supports artisans and craftsmen in the same neighborhood.

You'll find unique artwork hanging throughout the interior. Many of the paintings and jewelry are for sale helping local artists get exposure and sell some of their work. Besides, the little trinkets make excellent gifts and you'll find a nice selection of handcrafted jewelry as well. Some of the pieces are made of leather and other organic materials making a stunning combo. But, back to the rating business and food.

After I ordered from the barista, I strolled around looking at the many pastries which are from nearby bakeries. You'll cure any sweet tooth with the selection of cookies, scones and honey buns. I opted in for a cinnamon roll and was grateful I hadn't eaten anything before my visit as I'm sure this was a fat-ass delight. I could literally feel the pounds adding up while unwrapping the gooey treat. I'm giving a 5-fork rating as the topping was creamy and smooth and not overpowering with sugar. As a matter of fact, I believe it was a cream cheese frosting making the perfect addition to the shot of espresso. While I'm not a huge fan of a robust roast, I did enjoy the brand of coffee they use and would recommend it to even those with the most discerning of tastes.

In addition to the shot, I also tried out their Tawny Owl frozen coffee, which was delightful with the perfect combination of Swiss Chocolate and Caramel in a frothy concoction. Scrumptious and every bit worth a 5-fork score!

As you can imagine, I was more than alert after the frozen java and shot of espresso. However, the delicious honey bun helped to keep the shakes away. All in all, it was an excellent visit where I'm hoping I didn't talk too much during my meeting. I would recommend the iconic bistro to anyone wanting to explore the Northern Colorado communities.

Whether you're going to Owl Canyon Coffee to meet up with friends or a business partner, this little Wellington, Colorado gem is just the place to do either. With a pleasantly quiet and uncrowded atmosphere, charming décor and of course excellent brews of coffee you can't go wrong. Sorry Starbucks, I'll take 'The Owl' any day.

Join me next time for my blog on Sparge Brewing, another Wellington Treasure!

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