Just in Time for the Scariest of Holidays

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Fort Collins Liquor Store Kills it with"The Walking Dead Wine"

FOCO’s Spookiest Price Point isn't Scary at All

After working one night I found myself searching for a thrilling new wine. Turns out the treasure collection sitting in boxes at a local liquor store, left me nowhere to run. Even during an apocalypse, you may be running to the store to find your own? Disconcerting of any harm, I had the pleasure of experiencing a frightening surprise. Showing no fear as a consumer, I couldn’t pass up the “Walking Dead’s” Blood Red brand. Regardless of the packaging, the price point is what truly caught my eye and here's what happened.

Almost passing it up, a neon pink starburst taped to a cardboard box shines brightly at $5.99 a bottle bringing me to a dead stop. Screaming with fun and a shocking deal, this wine normally retails at $18.99. (The link for the online store is below if you dare indulge) As a bargain hunter of finer things, I immediately snatched up 4 bottles assuming if I didn’t like it I can always pawn it off on a few victims. Moreover, the budgeted price heeds excellent results making me want it all for myself. However, as with many reds, I'm apprehensive because of potential side effects. And the low cost, had me facing doom with drinking what I thought was 'cheap' wine.

Sparking some disclosure here: I’ve become somewhat sensitive to red wines. Oftentimes I'm sick immediately if I don’t eat beforehand. I’m not sure what causes the allergic reaction and would love a comment from anyone experiencing the same. Now, back to our scheduled programming.

The cork popped out without crumbling or breaking which meant it was stored correctly. Besides the batch, it only has 2-years of aging making it fresh. The aroma is sweet without an overwhelming scent of death from alcohol. To my dismay, the first sip was smooth with no trace of tannin issues. It seems a bit off-dry where it’s not floating with acidic after tastes. In addition, the finish tastes like raspberries, red cherry and a hint of caramel making a nice selection for the Fall.

Flavor intensity is polished and not overwhelming on any ingredient. With a light leg, this blend has a slight tickle to the retronasal passages upon the first swallow. In addition, the tannins didn’t leave you feeling so dry you wanted to hook up to the water hose. It’s truly a beautiful blend all the way around with my favorite reds such as Merlot, Malbec and Cab Sav. My cheap ass may have enjoyed it because of the price but my taste buds were doing the monster mash with the flavor! On the flip side, I recommend this as one wine to savor where you'll enjoy both what's inside and out.

Besides a variety of flavors, the label isn’t for the weak at heart. As a matter of fact, the horror-genre-branding is spot on with an excellent rendition. Zombies dragging ferociously across the facia of a frosty-green bottle offers real sex appeal, but maybe a turn-off for those who frighten easily. Needless to say, curiosity begins with the first sight and representation which brings me to my next observation.

All wines have a back history, which is why I love learning about them. The owner of the collection Robert Kirkman LLC is more than just a winegrower. Kirkman is the founder of the television series "The Walking Dead." Along with being a talented filmmaker, his brand has 'dish' and I’m enjoying the journey where I’m being led. From movie characters to delicious art, there’s a discovery making a simple beverage more than an average inebriant.

According to the press, Foster Wine Estates had a joint venture with Greg Norman. Some of you may know the Australian celebrity if you’re a fan of golf? The Golf Hall of Famer, Norman, took over the Napa Valley brand this year. There’s plenty at stake for this prolific series as the wines are now part of Treasury Wine Estates. Lest the info is wrong, read the links, but seems TWE knows how to market their products without kinemortophobia or the fear of zombies.

Regardless of the merger, the wine has a notoriety for a well-known AMC cable series, “The Walking Dead. Zombies in tattered clothing almost seem hip with red and white graphic designing over an acid-green bottle. The brand's artist knows how to execute artwork in a delightful yet provocative way matching the show's content. Although I’ll admit the presentation was attention-grabbing, I was apprehensive about buying because of, you guessed it, the price point. But, I'll confess, four landed on the counter as cash was leaving my hand.

In addition to the show's affiliation, the marketers decided to offer an interactive label bringing the characters to life when downloading the Living Wine app. When I scanned the augmented reality label, Sheriff Rick and a zombie came to life (Even though the dude is dead). Splendidly done, you're brought into the dark world Kirkman wants you to experience. According to the app, there are several bottles including a few from Beringer, offering enhanced experience through digital technology.

Nonetheless, if you're looking for more than just a chance to wet the palette, and want a conversation piece at Halloween parties, The Walking Dead wines are the way to go.

If you live in Fort Collins or are in the area, you’ll want to find this fantastic Red Blood Blend. Other grapes include a Cab Sav, Sav Blanc, and Chardonnay. They may have a limited supply where you’ll want to give a shout out for the availability and I found mine at Crystal's Liquor off Harmony and John F. Kennedy Parkway.

I hope you get the pleasure of trying one of these fantastic bouquets and keep them around for the holidays. With the tremendous branding, you can share fun stories with friends as they also come in signature bottles that are tons of fun for “Walking Dead” fans. You can pick specialized collector’s bottles with characters from the T.V. series, like Sheriff Rick, Daryl and Negan who will brighten up your Halloween with a serious adult treat.

WINE COMPANY and © 2019 Treasury Wine Estates Americas, Napa, CA appears to be the main contact to learn more about the wine or vineyard. There are plenty of options for finding wine online.

For more info on wines check out this website on describing wines.


"I give this wine a 4-fork rating since the flavor could have had a bit more pop. But have no fear, as we are talking about stiffs?" ~ Eve

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