Top Wine Coolers Just in Time for the Holidays

Top 5-Fork Wine Storage Coolers for Your Home Bar

Look anywhere on the internet and you’ll find a vast variety of wine coolers and refrigerators that will store your collection at the optimum temperatures maintaining freshness no matter what the grape. In this article, I reveal the 5-best appliances for you to consider if you’ve been thinking about adding one of these handy refers to your home. The selection researched here is 18-54 bottles with the highest ratings for you to reference for your next purchase or prior to the gift-giving season right around the corner. Bear in mind, the holidays are only 2-months away and these make outstanding gifts. Bring your favorite wine along for the read and let’s get started!

Avanti 12-Bottle Thermoelectric Countertop Wine Cooler

The Avanti makes the perfect countertop addition to any home bar or kitchen. It’s also a nice unit to add to AirBnB rooms at a low price point. If you’re more of an occasional fermentation seeker, the Avanti might just be your closest friend? It’s small enough to fit in a corner or somewhere more discreet. You can keep your favorite selection and have plenty on hand for when guests come over. A disadvantage for this fridge is the lack of dual temps, therefore, you can only store one type of wine a white or red as there’s no way to create an optimum setting for both.

Price point on the website is $129.00

FREE shipping

Dimensions – 24''x19”x10"

Customized temperatures from 53°- 64°F

Extra details – The cooler needs air circulation and will not perform well if it’s built into a cabinet or if there are tons of items surrounding. You can use this for a beverage container with the cold settings.

hOmelabs 18-Bottle Wine Cooler

hOmelabs 18-bottle cabinet is a nice addition to any wine bar with its sleek design and a bright LED light to help display your collection. The unit has a touchpad control to adjust the temperature. There is an on and off switch for the interior light which can be illuminated at night for a nice way to show off your amazing taste for vino. There’s no handle which seems to throw everyone off, but it’s simple to open and close by giving a tug at the seal. While there aren’t any reports of the seal being an issue, it seems most people enjoy the clean design without worry. This model is not recommended for large bottles. In addition, once the little fridge reaches its selected temp, it’s quiet. However, some people do hear a tiny bit of noise as the operation for the environment is changing. The best part about the hOmelabs storage center is the pull-out shelving making a more convenient way of getting to that much-needed sip faster!

Price point on the website is $149.00 but, you can get it on Amazon for $139

Doesn’t seem to be eligible for Prime Members. However, there’s still FREE shipping at this price point.

Dimensions – 14.0 x 20.1 X 25.5

Customized temperatures from 54°- 64°F

Extra Details – Not Available for Shipping Anywhere in California.

Karcassin Wine Cooler Refer 36

If you’re looking to be a bit more serious about your ferments or spirits, then pay attention to these details? This is a dual temperature for storing both your whites and reds with separate controls for each side. The pull-out shelving creates easy access to anyone of the 36-bottles designed to stack nicely in the double-layered glass unit. Also, this is a cabinet depth design where you can have it tucked away under your wet bar or another area of the kitchen. You can choose to include the handle or eliminate it for more convenient dimensions. The appliance is extremely quiet and there’s also an LED for displaying.

Shipping is free and can be shipped anywhere in the USA.

Customized temperatures from 54°- 64°F

Extra Details – This unit includes a kick plate which may or may not work according to your interior space. You can order other models that hold 46 and 54 bottles.

Dimensions - 23.4”x32.9”x22.6” without handle & 23.4”x33”x24.2” with handle

Aobosi 28 Bottle Dual Climate Control

Much like the Karcassin, this next fridge is super cute and WILL hold larger bottles. While most people will agree the compressor is quiet enough, there are some downfalls of the noise being a bit louder than the other two models mentioned above. However, you’ll the unit comes in two finishes such as black, stainless steel and they both look stunning in any room. The biggest difference the Aobosi has over the other models is its dual-zone for chilling. This cooler also has a ventilated toe kick which should help with keeping the product from breaking down.

Customized temperatures 41°F to 54°F

Dimensions – 38” x 26.5 x 26”

Extra Details – This model has been rated one of the quietest in the industry with only 42dB. The model found here comes in a standard and upgraded version. Biggest significance to the different refrigerators would be the higher end offers a lock and alarm to let you know if someone is hacking into your stash. Either way, it’s a beautiful unit with tons of possibilities and would make an excellent gift for the holidays.

Danby DWC508BLS 50 Bottle with Climate Control

This product is getting a lot of attention with being a stand-alone wine cooler, excellent price point and can hold 50 standard size bottles!! The unit isn’t one for those occasional sippers, rather its for the serious wine connoisseur who prefers a collection. In addition, the dimensions are deep and wide enough to take the place of a dishwasher if you’re looking to have cabinet style. The wood racks pull out and look elegant for displaying. The only downfall to this product is the noise. Seems to be a very loud buzzing when it’s cooling off or heating up. Nonetheless, it’s still a pretty nice cabinet and one that would make a nice addition to any bar, or man cave.

Customized Temperatures - 39.20F - 64.40F

Dimensions – 23.8” x 23.7 x 34.4”

Extra Details – This product is only available with a stainless-steel finish. Of course, there’s free shipping but doesn’t appear to be available for Amazon Prime purchase. The LED light stays cool and doesn’t give off additional heat keeping the settings accurate.

Side note: I may receive a small commission on any of these products if you purchase.



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