The Least You Need to Learn About Me

Words from the Author

“The Lord anointed me with many abilities. Writing and a taste for food are two I worship.” ~ Eve.

A recent subscriber of mine calls blogging “A Labor of Love.” I agree and admire any producer who will bear such a project. Blogs can be intimate and acknowledge the very soul of an individual through words, experience, and expression. Blogs are arduous and an artistic interpretation from the world around the writer. The labor and love ARE the rewards. Here’s the least you need to learn about me and why I gave birth to Food&Forks.

Start Somewhere

I haven’t been a food blogger my full life, but I have a huge admiration for the culinary arts. I likewise have an appetite for writing. While those two aspects aren’t bad, I’m also an entrepreneur which is the ‘why’ for taking on such a project. However, history also led me toward an online path where I eat, drink and write.

Food Blogging is an Eclipse for Other Past Work

Prior to my F&F endeavor, I’ve worked my tail off. The jobs vary from driving an ice cream truck, waiting tables, managing a restaurant and copywriting. I’ve also held a position as a Hollywood television producer if you can believe that or not? My big claim to notoriety is being the stunt woman and stand-in for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen when they were 14-year-old. I consider taking these roles allowing me a threshold for all I’ve endured.

Taking On Restaurant Reviews Forces Me to Get Out of My Way

While on most occasions I’d consider myself an outsider. Not too long ago I found myself in a crossroads looking into my own life. I wished to explore NOCO but didn’t want to do it by myself which was the incentive for creating the blog. To take on restaurant reviews forces me to get outside of my home office enjoying my new neighborhood and I’m never alone. There’s someone else who is a muse for my writing. The timeless host of shows such as “No Reservations” and “Parts Unknown” still affect me through his adventures.

"Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals in one's life." ~ A. Boudain

Anthony, Can You Hear Me?

Chef and Journalist, Anthony Bourdain plays a major role in my choices and I believe although he wasn’t considered one at the time he was one of the first food bloggers. Either way, Anthony inspires my every move. I lunge at the chance to find out more about the history of a restaurant or the origin of a vineyard etc., Mr. Bourdain allows me to find the spirit in the story. Anthony left a legacy behind taking precedence for food writers across the board. He knew how to connect with his audience because they connected WITH him. I sometimes fantasize I’m channeling Anthony when I sit down to write. He shares his experiences in such an authentic storytelling technique where I cherish every re-run, I can find. Now that I’m diving into diners, fine bistros and wine bars I appreciate his lust for food and making friends. I find myself mirroring his every move and couldn’t be more excited.

About Writing

I revel in words as if they’re soft fluffy blankets or swords with jagged edges. Every word in the English language is puzzle pieces that reveal the big picture after placing the last jigsaw. To craft a blog takes time, a love of language and a willingness to work hard. But when all the pieces are together, you feel gratification. With writing, I don’t care about anything except typing the very best words and conveying my ideas. Most importantly, I want to reach my reader’s inner lizard curing their craving to learn. Think about how we can share one thing in common, food. Even if you dislike food or cooking, you must eat to survive. Food&Forks allows me to take it all in word by word and bite by bite. What a beautiful art to share with an audience (Psst... that would be you;) and I enjoy every opportunity that comes my way. Writing Food & Forks keeps me thirsting for more words on a screen. I’m like a vampire who thirsts for verbs and nouns. (Okay, maybe not that weird) F&F was my answer to exploring the local scene, along with giving me a place in the world and satisfying my hunger as a content creator.

Other Gigs are Imperative for Survival While I Build My Audience

I’m working on several projects amongst operating, I've owned The Write Boutique for over 7-years. I manage social media and ghostwriting for 10-clients which is how I pay bills. I’m a part-time executive producer for my first horror flick titled “Normal Terror.“

I’m also tending bar which keeps me out of trouble giving me extra spending cash. I’m a published writer for NOCO Magazine and have a food column. In addition to all these other aspects, I’m also an affiliate marketer where I get a commish for selling items from my blog’s site, Amazon or through my online store. If that's not enough, I don't know what to tell you.

What’s next for me?

Besides doing more restaurant reviews, I’ve hoisted my new store as an attempt to sell products and monetize the blog. I’m also doing my research for writing my first book. (I hope to finish in 2020.) I’ll continue thrusting forward allowing my ‘fork’ to help me eat my way through Northern Colorado, time is not an issue nor is the work, because I love what I’m doing. I’ll stay true to Anthony and all he does for me as a guiding spirit. But, I’m also grateful for the Lord launching Food&Forks allowing me the luxury to work from home and wish everyone had the same opportunities. I hope you find the words on this page to follow your own dreams and goals? Leave me a comment if you’re inspired be sure to subscribe and join me on this trip.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a food blog or career as a restaurant reviewer, check out my next blog on “How an Influencer Writes Restaurant Reviews.”



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