NuWave Primo Oven Product Review

All-in-One Combo Grill and Oven That's HOT!

NuWave Oven Product Review

All-in-One Combo Grill and Oven, So Hot

Amazon Retail - $149.97

Color Black with Auburn Dome

Digital Display with Touch Controls

Dimensions 16.5 x 14 x 13.5”

Ship Weight 15.85 lbs.

Warranty–1 Year with a 90-day Money-Back Guarantee, VIP Service Required

What is the NuWave Oven?

Headquarters for NuWave LLC is in Libertyville, IL and creates home chef and consumer cooking appliances where they combine elements such as convection, infrared and other technologies creating one of the first air-fryer devices that has the ability to grill, roast, toast bake and reheat. If you’ve been following any of the recipes or blogs about cooking healthy, NuWave falls into the category of home-cooking, focusing on less grease without jeopardizing flavor. In addition, with the ability to cook as a convection oven, you can complete recipes faster saving you time. Let’s break down the NuWave Primo and how well this product works for everyday use in this product review. Then you can determine how the all-in-one combo grill and oven is so hot for you!

What I'm Not Crazy About with this Unit

While NuWave manufactures several products, today our target is on the Primo 1500-watt Grill and Oven. A few things I’m not crazy about would be the round shape. Kitchen counters are not round and small appliances with this funky configuration are more of a hassle with storage than square or rectangle, as these are far easier to fit on the countertop. But I like the see-through Power Dome, which was very sturdy and doesn’t burn the fingers when touched. Also, the grill is a non stick and cleans easy without a lot of scrub a dub action.

Dishwasher Safe Countertop Oven and Grill

Although the manufacturer claims the product is dishwasher safe, I would use caution here as it’s still an electrical appliance. Also, I’d recommend using a light wash by hand because the paint and the heating elements will last longer. Handle like any other small electrical appliance and you should be fine.

Shuts Off By Itself!

They make the dome holder of stainless steel and they coat the grill plate with a non-stick surface. My assumption is this product only lasts a short time and will peel after so many uses. But, mostly, you’ll get some wear and tear out of the gourmet roaster.

Next, the heating element works well with the digital temperature probe creating a nice synergy where the automatic shut-off feature kicks in shutting the system off once the NuWave Primo hits the selected temp. I love that feature. As I’m getting so old now, I forget to turn off the oven and stove. Yikes!

Uses 83% Less Energy than Standard Ovens

Besides the device halting cook times, this is an eco-friendly product that uses about 83% less energy than your traditional stove or oven, especially electric appliances. Also, with the integrated probe, the NuWave Oven Primo turns itself off once it hits the desired temperature, saving even more energy! The technology has improved over the years and with the latest model you can feel confident you won’t be spending as much time in the kitchen while saving the planet.

Size Matters with Countertop Ovens

Size in layman’s terms would be two nice strip steaks, a whole chicken or a rib roast. I’ve seen a few people throw on around 4-large pork chops and be just fine. One of the best features about the NuWave Primo Oven would be the opportunity to sear your protein without having to use two pans, making the unit even more convenient.

No Need to Defrost Your Protein

Also, it’s important to point out, there’s not defrosting with the NuWave Oven. The countertop oven allows you to place your food on the cooktop grill and it will do everything for you. I’m always forgetting to take food out of the freezer and letting it thaw. With this product, you don’t have to worry about that step.

Since I’m finding most users like the product. I’d say we must agree on some things while others are a bit meh. But, I’d say a 4-fork rating is sufficient. They need to fix the materials, making them more durable for dishwashing and make them longer lasting. But, other than that, I see the NuWave Oven to be a decent All-in-One Combo Grill and Oven that’s nice to have around.

Comes in handy during the summer months when you don’t want to heat the kitchen. We’ll go 4-Forks with this one!

Let me know if you purchased or have used one of these? I’d love to hear your product reviews!



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