Just Because You’re ‘Landlocked’ doesn’t Mean You Can’t Enjoy Seafood Without a Pole

Salmon is Among the More Common Selections of Seafood in Colorado

Get Your Seafood Fix in Fort Collins, Colorado

Salmon, shrimp, lobster, etc., no matter which way you put it on the line or in a net, many Coloradoans still love the opportunity to indulge. The problem in the state is good Seafood can be hard to find here. Let’s face it, if we want fresh ocean fish and crustaceans, we’d have to travel the East or West Coasts to have the taste of tender, flavorful without fishy selections. Well, even those living in Northern California or other areas of the Midwest have plenty of opportunities. That is when you use some ingenuity finding you SEE FOOD. Here are some solutions casting your net enjoy some delicious opportunities:

Shrimp, Lobster and Scallops are American Favorites

Frozen Fish or Deli Case

Frozen fish such as shrimp, scallops, whitefish, or salmon can be found in almost any major grocery store. However, many people are taking the boat less traveled by buying fresh catch items like king salmon on Amazon. For less than $200 you can stock your freezer with front door delivery of this cut. Even if you have a party planned for the weekend, you can almost account for the product to show up in time before guest arrival. Now that’s some serious bait!

Need A Break from Salmon Patties?

Let’s face it. We live in Colorado, and even if you don’t, you might be getting ready to jump off the Salmon boat. If that’s a storm you’re weathering, then you might want to consider the other ‘white meat of the sea,’ whitefish. This tender and flaky Bianco scaly favorite dish are mild in flavor and completely satisfying. You can find a million way to cook this pollock with almost every platform or cookbook in your library. Personally, I buy this main sea entrée at our local grocer. However, if you want more impressive portions and freshness, try going to Fish Seafood Market. The restaurant is located West of South College, between Olive and Mountain. This little guppy has plenty of ocean catch and some local angler luck where you can dine in while they prepare or buy a few pounds and host a fish fry. It’s a lovely local diner where you’ll enjoy any plate made for taste. Have a craving for salmon or another fix, try shopping on Amazon. They deliver right to your doorstep. https://amzn.to/2maua8W

Local Fishy Fish

If you in the area or are native, you’ll recognize the brand, JAX of Fort Collins. Don’t get the other stores for JAX confused such as the Outdoor Gear Store. You want to step up your game and drop into this highly recommended restaurant. (going off research, not personal experience) You want to land at JAX Fish House and Oyster Bar. If you’re looking to eat on ‘the cheap,’ this might not be the first spot. However, the menu reflects an excellent selection of shellfish to some smokin’ fins such as Yellow Fin Tuna. I’ve got this place on my radar for a fork-n-dine review, but we’ll see.

DIY Chefs Tackle Paella in the Midwest

While all is good on land, if you’re the DIY chef of the household, you may want to explore some awesome recipes for paella or chowder to cure your fix. If you’re craving some gourmet dishes with a beautiful piece of fins, hook up with your local grocers like King Soopers or Safeway.

No matter what your preference, there’s plenty of options in town and online. Don’t block your cravings for delicate fish even though you’re landlocked as they say. Cast a new line to open waters and keep on getting forked. Big hugs!

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