How to Recycle your Thanksgiving Leftovers

6-Food Blogger Tips and Tricks for Turning those Leftovers into Another Meal

After your belly is full, and the cook can finally take a rest from the festivities, it may be time to think of what you’ll be doing with all those darn leftovers. From the stuffing to the green bean casserole, you may get a bit bored with each bite. Let’s look at what some food bloggers suggest for recipes that will help rid those post-Thanksgiving leftovers into a fabulous meal.

My Little Turkey Dumpling Soup

The first recipe comes from Town-n-County Living with their Turkey Stuffing Dumpling Soup. This fantastic way to recycle both turkey and stuffing is mouthwatering. They use a nice medley of mushrooms, carrots and green beans to make a hearty soup you can take for lunches or dinner. Take a gander at this super recipe:

Thanksgiving Leftover Sliders

Next on the list is the incredible Thanksgiving Leftover Sliders from Fox and Briar. Megan does a fantastic job of photography with her recipes, but this is a super colorful mix of ingredients that anyone can tackle. I like how she suggests using jalapenos for her cranberry sauce giving a little extra kick. Seems simple enough with the Hawaiian Rolls, Gouda Cheese and use of leftover stuffing and cranberry sauce. Wah-lah! You have a post-turkey da-hit!

Homemade Turkey Pot Pie Cheddar Baked

The author of Just a Taste is Kelly Senyei who offers her tips with a hearty-meal of Turkey Pot Pie. The beautiful element she includes in her casserole is a Cheddar Biscuit Crust. The pastry includes cheddar and parmesan cheese. Mixed with butter, scallions and buttermilk, this tray is full of flavor! Way to go Kelly!

Turkey Turnover a New Leaf

If you’re a fan of empanadas and hot pockets, they bound this creation to please! And the best part is you can throw anything you want into these pillows of loveliness. Jenne of Mooshu Jenne offers her Big Bird combo including a pastry dough to make this some rugged finger food. Be sure to subscribe to her fantastic recipes to get through any kitchen with ease.

Turkey Salad A la Pretzel Buns

Seems most recipes are full of carbs and not anything you’d eat in the summer? Well, this next refreshing way to turn turkey into a sandwich is just cool! Jess from “Slice of Jess” follows up with the leftover bird, lemon, celery, mustard seed and thyme! (Lawdy, I love me some Thyme with seafood and poultry!) That’s beside the point, she serves this super combo on a pretzel bun or if you want to stick to Keto or low carbs, wrap it with some butter or Bibb lettuce. Stay away from Romaine for now. Love you and this recipe!

Grand Phyllo-Nalie

Last on the list is leftover pumpkin mini cheesecakes. I’m a HUGE fan of pumpkin where I was excited to find this food blogger’s best catch. The Pumpkin Cheesecake Phyllo Shells is spectacular and low in calories. Yes, low in cals, the mixture is pumpkin puree, goat cheese and Greek yogurt. So WAH! The riskiest of ingredients is the Athens Graham Cracker Flavor Phyllo. Everything else is good for slimming waistlines.

Okay, there’s some autumn harvest feasts you can incorporate or recycle using your leftovers. Let me know how it worked out or share a Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe with us?


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