Amazon Changed Black Friday and My Mom Forever

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Since, I can remember Black Friday has been a big deal. My mother would get up at 6:00 AM to beat the shoppers to the big box stores and take advantage of the huge savings. She’d often stop for lunch and finish out the day around 6:00 PM making it a 12-hour gig. Now, with the Internet at my mother’s fingertips, she’s plunking through online places like Amazon and Best Buy to make her purchases. She no longer must get up at the crack of dawn to meet the mob of shoppers. There are a lot of lessons my mom can teach us here. But, Amazon has changed her Black Friday forever and maybe yours too?

Shopping is Fun and a Serious Addiction

The Shift in Mom's Shopping

My mom has been a bargain-hunter since we can recall. But, my mom has seen some questionable things over the years of hitting Black Friday sales in town. My brother and I couldn’t wait to hear her war stories from the frontline of Kohls and Walmart. She’d come home to tell us about outstanding deals and how she almost got into a fistfight with another shopper over the last flat screen tv. Now, my mother is saving her life and money by buying from the world’s favorite online-store, Amazon. However, the shopping thing runs in the family and it’s not always about how much you save.

Mom and I Are Suffering from a Serious Condition

I’ll admit, I have an addiction. Amazon addiction is something I deal with daily. I make late-night visits where I fantasize about the various items on my wish list. Not to mention, I often feel as if I need to go to a 12-step-program as I’ve become so bad about spending. (Well, I may be exaggerating a little) However, my mother also has the same problem. We’ve tried to discourage her from fulfilling her fix by telling her she is running out of room in her home. She’s like most of us when we jumping into these stores, where it's just so hard to stop. When you've got an itch, you need to scratch and buy that item. Shopping addiction is a real thing and for some people, it's detrimental to their well being.

It's About the Postal Workers, Man

Regardless of the addict in myself or mom, the convenience of shopping with so many items on this super-store is a delightful experience, but not for everyone. The postal workers who deal with delivering thousands of packages each year may not find the same satisfaction as the shoppers. I’m certain they wish the junkies would take up a different poison. It's not always about you. LOL

"As holiday deliveries — and package thefts — hit a peak, some cities are turning to decoys to try to catch suspected thieves." DPD

Porch Pirates are a Thang

You may not agree with the postal worker's dilemma but you must admit Amazon has changed the face of thieves as well as shoppers and mailmen everywhere. Package deliveries are yet another issue. As far as deliveries and watch for porch pirates. I know, you enjoy the convenience but it's not fun when the package doesn't stay on your property because of this new wave or robbers.

Boxes and Codes for Your Stuff

Did you know they have boxes with code locks you place on your porch for accepting deliveries? Yes, it’s cool and they’re sturdy enough a thief can’t pick it up and runoff. Be sure to order one before you receive packages to avoid the consequences. Buy one now from you guessed it, Amazon!

Anyway, my mom is now a regular online shopper which is safer than her going out. I’m managing my shopping addiction and the post office no longer needs to deliver 5-million packages. With all the progress here, I think it’s a good Friday more than a black one? Whether you’re at the brick and mortar or online, I hope you enjoy your shopping!



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